Server rules are to be adhered to by all members of the HIHB [TOG] DayZ Server community!

First and foremost... Don't be a dickhead!

  • You will be kicked and/or banned for hate speech, including racism and homophobia. This includes player naming conventions.
  • You WILL be kicked and/or ban for cheating/hacking/exploiting that is affecting players in a server-disruptive way. There is Zero tollerance for this kind of behavior!
  • If you suspect someone of cheating/hacking/exploiting please report via Please be able to substantiate these claims, we cannot do anything with hackusations without eveidence.

These rules are to be adhered to and not reading them is NOT an excuse. More rules will be added when we move to a private hive and we receive more Admin tools to enforce those rules we apply.

​We pride ourselves in keeping a cheat/hack/exploit free DayZ experience, and will do absolutely everything we need to do to keep it this way. The server is monitored constantly to make sure rules are adhered to.

[TOG] adheres to a strict Code of Conduct and brings this into any game servers we manage.

Your Admins are:
TOG | JMan(R.Neville) - [TOG] DayZ Division Captain
TOG | RukuSs
TOG | thefinn


Hell In A HandBasket DayZ Servers - [TOG] Hardcore/Regular

Hell In A HandBasket - [TOG] Hardcore DayZ 
Sydney, AU 
(40 Players) 


Hell In A HandBasket U.S. - [TOG] Hardcore DayZ 
Los Angeles, CA 
(40 Players) 

HIHB Server TeamSpeak: 

  • Hardcore - First Person Only
  • Currently - 4hr Restarts With Server Restart Messaging 
  • Server In Game Time Resets To A Varying Time To Simulate A Day/Night Cycle 

​​Use those torches, flares and lanterns!

No Fluff Just Tough!


Heaven On A Biscuit - [TOG] Regular DayZ
Sydney, AU 
(40 Players) 

Hell In A HandBasket U.S. - [TOG] Regular DayZ 
Los Angeles, CA 
(40 Players) 


The Regular servers were put up to accommodate our [TOG], as well as other players that just don't dig HC for one reason or another. 

  • These servers are restarted every 4hrs with restart warnings.
  • Regular - 1st/3rd Person
  • Server Time Resets To 4am Upon Restart

Both Servers follow the same cheating/hacking/exploiting rules and both servers are constantly monitored. We DO NOT take cheating/hacking/exploiting lightly! 
We will take any and all measures within the DayZ/GSP TOS to kick and/or get you banned by reporting you via the proper channels. 
All reporting for both servers can be posted in our Steam Group, [TOG] DayZ Forums or catch us on TS.

We hope you enjoy playing on our servers. Thank you! 

Private Hives Coming Soon!