What Hell In A HandBasket DayZ Is:

HIHB DayZ is is a version of DayZ that is diificult, the way DayZ should be! You won't find any fluff that makes DayZ easy... Ever!

Our DayZ SA server will maintain Horror Survival first and foremost with PvP on the side.
We're not against PvP, play as you like but some rules do have to be adhered to.

Settings on this server will be as hardcore as we can get them, settings which include the following:

1st person only. Means no peaking over walls and around corners. If the Devs fix 3rd person so there is no exploits, we may consider it.
NO Crosshairs - Weapon Crosshairs are for pansies!(When available)
Server Currently Is Set To Restart Every 2hrs To Maintain Stability & Daylight.

We take pride in bringing you a DayZ experience that is a challenge! Can you stand up to the challenge?

No Fluff Just Tough!


These are the server rules to be adhered to by all members of the HIHB Hardcore DayZ community!

First and foremost... Don't be a dickhead!

  • You will be kicked and/or banned for hate speech, including racism and homophobia. This includes player naming conventions.
  • You WILL be kicked and/or ban for cheating/hacking/exploiting that is affecting players in a server-disruptive way. There is Zero tollerance for this kind of behavior!
  • If you suspect someone of cheating/hacking/exploiting please post on our Forums or Steam Group: HIHB DayZ. Please be able to substantiate these claims, we cannot do anything with accusations without eveidence.

These rules are to be adhered to and not reading them is NOT an excuse. More rules will be added if/when we move to a private hive or we receive more Admin tools to enforce other rules we apply.

​We pride ourselves in keeping a cheat/hack/exploit free DayZ experience, and will do absolutely everything we need to do to keep it this way. The server is monitored constantly to make sure rules are adhered to.


Your Admins are:
JMan/R.Neville - Server Owner/Admin
El Guapo - In Game Admin
Jamira - In Game Admin

DayZ Server Status