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As mentioned in last weeks status update, work continues in refining persistent storage and ironing out any potential issues related to protecting user storage, and preventing abuse of the system. DayZ version 0.48 was pushed to stable branch during last weeks maintenance with the goal of addressing global voice abuse, camera collision abuse, global item cleanup, and the deployment of the player storage to limited DayZ dev hosted servers.
As we progress towards the August milestone goal of 0.49 at the end of the month, we will continue to iterate upon the experimental branch with bug fixes and 0.49 intended features.
Additionally worth mentioning is the intended cleanup of the stable hive to coincide with persistent storage and private shards being offered globally across stable branch.

It is our intent once we have addressed the core issues with abuse of item duping, as well as resolved issues with the protection of player storage and opened game server providers rental of private shards, to wipe the stable branch clean.
This will allow us to ensure a clean start on player storage and camps, as well as remove issues such as:

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CHANGELOG: Stable - 0.48.124737

As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker: My View - DayZ Feedback Tracker

Player is unable to attack with any weapon under certain circumstances
Character freezes for a few seconds after throwing an item under certain angle
Players experience desync when engaged in melee combat while their network bubbles overlap
Random throwing of items
Ladders can't be used after hit by a grenade explosion
Player is stuck in building after reconnect
Player cannot respawn properly after drowning
When restrained while unconscious player stays restrained until he reconnects
Character goes prone after using drink all action on canteen
Random police car spawning doesn't work properly. Cars are not visible, loot is there though

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Status Report Week Of August 11th 2014

During this weeks maintenance period, DayZ version 0.48 is being pushed to stable branch. Version 0.48 is primarily focused on addressing issues tied with global voice abuse, camera collision, item cleanup, and the introduction of persistent storage to official (DayZ dev hosted) stable branch servers. Additionally, an interim redesign of melee targeting was introduced in this version as mentioned in last weeks status report by Lead Designer Peter.

Persistent storage across all stable branch servers (including rented servers from GSPs) is targeted for version 0.49 at the end of August. The reasoning behind this tiered deployment of storage is as follows:

Persistent storage is user data. This is valuable, and we need to tread lightly when dealing with so many users data.
Increasing persistent storage server numbers by pushing this to only official hosted servers allows us to stress the system even more so than on experimental branch
This ensures that communities focused around rented servers (clans, fansites, etc) do not risk losing their stored items during this stress test
This also allows game server providers to deploy, and test their methods of protecting, and backing up persistent storage for each server in the event of server failure
That said, version 0.48 also introduces a number of changes to the loot tables, additional content in the way of clothing, animations, items, and weapons. Make sure when testing these new features and content to file your bugs at

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They have been giving us weekly status reports(which started last week) that give us insight on what features they're working on and to come.
This weeks status report can be found Here

Or for the clickably challenged pasted below.

Last week, DayZ version 0.47 was pushed to stable branch servers. As mentioned before, this version and its accompanying build included fairly comprehensive changes to how the DayZ server operates, as well as a good deal of gameplay mechanics adjustments and additions. Work continued this week on addressing issues within this version/build for the hot fix intended to deploy to stable branch in the early weeks of August.
Currently the target for this hot fix (0.4 is regular maintenance within the second week of the month. (Wednesday, August 13th). The hot fix is intended to address issues with melee combat, container contents, global voice manipulation, some camera clipping issues, as well as what we're sure many survivors are excited for, persistent containers and items.

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