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DayZ SA update 0.47.124641 is now live on Stable! Please be aware of the know issues and as usual any bugs found post to the DayZ Feedback Tracker

Known issues:
Player can in rare circumstances enter a state in which they cannot attack and must relog
Character may temporarily enter a frozen state when throwing (resolved a few seconds)
Melee targeting is off in some situations
Players can in some circumstances experience slight desync with server
Dynamic server events are temporarily disabled
Backpacks rearrange after reconnection
Players restrained while unconscious remained restrained until reconnection (after awaking)
Persistent items & storage are disabled server side pending hot fix to stable branch

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TOG is running a server wide event on Monday 28/07/2014 @ 7pm

"Capture the Case"
A protector case is being held by The Case Master in an unknown location. The location is given to all players in the teamspeak server. The case is located on the East coast of Chernarus. The case contains certain items in a certain order plus a note. The note contains the case destination. The case must collected from the Case Master and taken to the destination and handed to the Case Keeper where it is checked. If all items are checked ok, the player handing the case over is the winner and will be handed a case and other items in return which is the prize and announced on the forums as the winner.

More details can be found Here

Please login to the HIHB TS @ if you're attending the event.
Use your in game name for the event duration. Thanks!

Please stick to the rules of the event. This should be fun and events like this will be done more frequently. Let's do this!

CHANGELOG: Stable - 0.46.124490

Known Issues:
Crash caused by Fireplace kit in players Inventory
Character cloning
Player can look through walls
Zombies are spawning on spot of their death
Player is stuck in building after reconnect
Player cannot respawn properly when he has drowned
Shadow related client FPS drops
When restrained in unconscious player stays in restrained state till he reconnects

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DayZ Patch 0.45.124426 is now live!

CHANGELOG: 0.45.124426(Stable)

Known Issues:

Crash caused by the duplication of burnt meat. 
Camera can clip through walls. 
Occasionally zombies are spawning at the same spot they died. 
Extremely rare crash when a player throws item 
Player's next character will not be saved into database if he disconnects after death. 
Rapid player movement vertically can in rare circumstances incur falling damage.

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